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Watched log for Wednesday

Knights of Prosperity: Operation: Rent Money, Operation: Steal the Safe

Mythbusters: Baseball Myths

Corked Bat, Humid Balls, Pitches, The Slide, Knocking the Hide Off

Top Chef: Guilty Pleasures

Dinner: Impossible: Lunch Lady Land

What’s in, what’s out

Well, here’s my take on what the upfronts mean to me. What shows I’m excited about, what shows I’m sorry to see leave, and which I’m glad are gone.

See the list of what’s canceled, staying, new and what’s moving after the break.

BTW, Many thanks to the bloggers at TVSquad for their compilation of these lists.  Read the rest of this entry »

Watched log for Wednesday

Futureweapons: Stealth, Maximum Impact

The Knights of Prosperity: Operation: Oswald Montecristo

In Case of Emergency: Oh, Henry!

Lost: Tricia Tanaka Is Dead

Dinner: Impossible: Stranded: Deserted Island: Impossible

Watched log for Wednesday

The Simpsons: Springfield Up

24: Day 6: 3:00PM – 4:00PM

The Knights of Prosperity: Operation: Panic Room

Crossing Jordan: Mr. Little and Mr. Big

Lost: Stranger in a Strange Land

Good Eats: Fowl Territory

Family Guy: The Tan Aquatic With Steve Zissou

Watched log for Wednesday

Bones: Man in the Mansion

What About Brian: What About Finding Your Place…

Lost: Flashes Before Your Eyes

The Knights of Prosperity: Operation: Save Esperanza

Good Eats: Bowl O’ Bayou

Watched log for Wednesday

Lost: Not In Portland

Bones: The Girl in the Gator

The Knights of Prosperity: Operation: Caught on Tape

Watched log for Thursday

The Office: Ben Franklin

Grey’s Anatomy: Wishin’ and Hopin’

The Knights of Prosperity: Operation: Ralph

My Name Is Earl: Foreign Exchange Student

Scrubs: His Story IV

30 Rock: Black Tie