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Watched log for Monday

Jericho: Pilot, Fallout

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Queen’s Gambit

October Road: We Lived Like Giants

Notes From the Underbelly: The List

Welcome to the Captain: Weekend at Saul’s

The New Adventures of Old Christine: Beauty Is Only Spanx Deep

Watched log for Wednesday

Mythbusters: Lead Balloon

American Gladiators: S1E5

Smash Lab: Hurricane Proof House

Reno911!: 502

Dinner: Impossible: Air Force Annivesary

Notes From the Underbelly: If the Shoe Fits

Cashmere Mafia: The Deciders

Watched log for Monday

Brothers & Sisters: The Feast of Epiphany

Family Guy: McStroke

American Gladiators: S1E4

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Gnothi Seauton

Notes From the Underbelly: Friends and Neighbors

October Road: Spelling It Out

Kyle X.Y.: To C.I.R., With Love

Watched log for Monday

The Simpsons: Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind

American Dad: Most Adequate Christmas Ever

Journeyman: Emily

Notes From the Underbelly: Not Without My Noodles

October Road: Once Around the Block

Shark: In Absentia

Watched log for Monday

Journeyman: Keepers

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Family Owned

How I Met Your Mother: The Platinum Rule

Aliens in America: Church

Samantha Who?: The Break Up

Notes from the Underbelly: Heather’s Visit

October Road: Deck the Howls

Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates Kwanzaa

Top Gear: S10E09

Watched log for Monday

Chuck: Chuck vs. the Crown Vic (Fall Finale)

Heroes: Powerless (Fall Finale)

Samantha Who?: The Car

Notes from the Underbelly: The Blackout

Watched log for Thursday

My Name Is Earl: Burn Victim

30 Rock: Cougars

Scrubs: My Growing Pains

Mythbusters: Pirates Special 2

Row Boat Sub, Buried in Sand, Cannon Ball Chaos

Brothers & Sisters: Something New

Notes From the Underbelly: She’s Gotta Have It

Top Gear: S10E07

What’s in, what’s out

Well, here’s my take on what the upfronts mean to me. What shows I’m excited about, what shows I’m sorry to see leave, and which I’m glad are gone.

See the list of what’s canceled, staying, new and what’s moving after the break.

BTW, Many thanks to the bloggers at TVSquad for their compilation of these lists.  Read the rest of this entry »

Watched log for Saturday

Notes From the Underbelly: Surprise (Season Finale)

Dinner: Impossible: Boot Camp: Military Base: Impossible

Bullrun: Run for the Border

Throwdown with Bobby Flay: Hot Dogs

Watched log for Wednesday

Bones: Stargazer in a Puddle (Season Finale)

Crossing Jordan: Crash (Series Finale)

Lost: Greatest Hits

Veronica Mars: I Know What You’ll Do Next Summer (torrented because my cable crapped out)

Notes From the Underbelly: Keeping Up Appearances

Watched log for Wednesday

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Italian

Girl Meets Hawaii: Ultimate Hawaii, Taste of Hawaii

Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates Dirty Jokes

24: Day 6: 1:00AM – 2:00AM

Bones: Spaceman in a Crater

Crossing Jordan: Dead Again
Lost: The Brig

Notes From the Underbelly: Julie and Eric’s Baby

Dinner: Impossible:  Back in Time: Ye Ol’ Dinner: Impossible

Watched log for Wednesday

Mythbusters: Walking on Water

Ninja myths: Walking on water, catching an arrow, stopping a sword barehanded

Lost: D.O.C.

Notes From the Underbelly: Oleander

Dinner: Impossible: Miles Off the Coast: Fundraiser: Impossible

Watched log for Thursday

Bullrun: Wrecks, Lie and Video Tape (E06)

The New Adventures of Old Christine: Faith Off

My Name Is Earl: Two Balls, Two Strikes

The Office: Back From Vacation (rerun)

30 Rock: Cleveland

Scrubs: Their Story

October Road: Forever, Until Now

Grey’s Anatomy: Time After Time

Notes From the Underbelly: Million Dollar Baby

Watched log for Thursday

Life On Mars: S02E08 (Series Finale)

My Name Is Earl: Harassed A Reporter

The Office: Safety Training

30 Rock: Corporate Crush

Scrubs: My Words of Wisdom

Notes From the Underbelly: Pilot, Animal Style

Throwdown  with Bobby Flay: Cuban Roast Pork

American Chopper: Peavey 1