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Watched log for Sunday

Eureka 7: Join the Future

Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates Hall Monitors

Pepper Dennis: True Love Is Dead: Film at Eleven, Star Anchor Weds Colleague: Film at Eleven (Series  Finale)

Top Chef: Finale

Passport to Europe: (Various episodes, there was a marathon)

Spinal Tap (my alternate programming to the Super Bowl)

Saturday Night Live: Host:Drew Barrymore, Musical Guest: Lily Allen

Watched log for Monday

Crossing Jordan: Retribution (Season Premiere)

24: Day 6: 6:00AM-7:00AM, Day 6: 7:00AM-8:00AM (Season Premiere)

Man, are terrorists stupid. Never tell Jack Bauer the details of your plans with making sure he’s dead. Did the writers for 24 read all the Jack Bauer facts before coming up with the idea for Jack to bite the guard’s jugular. That is fuckin’ hardcore.

The Class: The Class Hits It

What About Brian: What About the Exes…

The New Adventures of Old Christine: Endless Shrimp, Endless Night

Pepper Dennis: Pepper Dennis Behind Bars: Film at Eleven

Watched log for Sunday

The Surreal Life Fame Game: Sex, Size and Videotape

Hogan Knows Best: Que Vas Hacer, Hermano

Justice: Christmas Party

Shark: The Wrath of Khan

I Love the ’70s  Volume 2: 1972, 1973

Pepper Dennis: Dennis, Bulgari, Big Losers at ACoRNS: Film at Eleven

Overhaulin’: Mustang Sting

Brothers & Sisters: Sexual Politics

Desperate Housewives: Not While I’m Around

Watched log for Monday

Overhaulin’: The Boss is Back

Pepper Dennis: Charlie Babcock’s Homosexual Encounter: Film at Eleven

The Rose Bowl: USC vs. U of M

Doctor Who: Christmas Special 2006 (S03E00)

Iron Chef America: Flay vs. Vinczenzc

Secret Ingredient:  Citrus
Judges:  Pamela Denison, Julie Chen, Ed Levine
Winner: Iron Chef Flay

Watched log for Friday

Pepper Dennis: Curtis Wilson Is a Total Nutjob: Film at Eleven, Hiroshi Watanabe  in Bed With Curtis Wilson: Film at Eleven

My Boys: Myths (Season Finale)

Numb3rs: Provenance, The Mole

Watched log for Thursday

The Inside Story of…: iPod

My Boys: When Heroes Fall From Grace, Released

Justice: Crucified, Death Spiral, Shark Week
Casino Royale

Excellent. Actually, really cool. A great re-imagining of the series. Daniel Craig is James Bond. The only problem was the overly long ending, but that was necessary to set up the series.

Grade: A-

Pepper Dennis: Celebrity Twin Could Hang: Film at Eleven

Watched log for Sunday

Jeff Dunham: Arguing With Myself

Eureka 7: Crack Pot

Shark: Pilot (Series Premiere)

Interesting, James Woods is good, the supporting cast, kind of weak. Don’t know yet if I want to watch another crime-procedural.

Grade: B-

Saved: Triage

Pepper Dennis: Saving Venice: Film at Eleven

Supernatural: Scarecrow

Desperate Housewives: Listen to the Rain on the Roof (Season Premiere)

Brothers and Sisters: Patriarchy

The Venture Brothers: I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills

The Simpsons: Please Homer, Don’t Hammer ‘Em

American Dad: Failure Is Not a Factory Installed Option

Family Guy: Hell Comes to Quahog