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Well, the networks have their "upfronts" this week, where they lay out next season and let us know what's staying and what's going. Now, I'm only going to report on shows that I watch or have some sort of interest in. In the fall I'll report on all the new shows. 

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Sons and Daughters
Less Than Perfect
Commander In Chief
Emily's Reasons Why Not
Jake in Progress

What About Brian
Grey's Anatomy
Desperate Housewives
American Inventor


Courting Alex
Love Monkey
Out of Practice

The New Adventures of Old Christine
How I Met Your Mother


Malcolm in the Middle
That 70's Show
Arrested Development
Skating With Celebrities
Free Ride

American Dad
Family Guy
The Loop
The O.C.
The Simpsons


Teachers No big surprise.
Surface Again, not a huge surprise. I thought it was only OK.
Four Kings
(remaining episodes to be shown this summer)

Scrubs (But will start in the winter like this year)
Crossing Jordan
My Name Is Earl
The Office


The Bedford Diaries
(This one hurts…)
Modern Men
Pepper Dennis
What I Like About You

7th Heaven (ugh)
Gilmore Girls
Smallville (double ugh)
Veronica Mars
Everybody Hates Chris

Watched log for Wednesday

Skating With Celebrities: Episode 7

The Finals! Of course there’s the recapping of the previous episodes, and the return of eliminated contestants. I thought Kristy and Lloyd really skated well, and John and Jillian turned down the speed a little bit, and skated very well also, although Jillian attempted an axle, but fell.

And the winner is Kristy and Lloyd!

This kind of surprised me, as I had heard very early that John and Jillian won. Of course I also saw on the web that Kristy and Lloyd won, but I avoided reading those stories until I finally got a chance to watch the show. Not bad for a cheesy reality show. Now I just read that Kristy and Lloyd are dating. Homewrecker! Just kidding.
Iron Chef America: Bobby Flay vs. Chef Beau

Battle American Kobe Beef. Mmm. Beef. Interesting in the last couple battles, the challengers are being allowed to choose the Iron Chef they are to face. I’m trying to remember if in the beginning of the original Iron Chef, the chairman would chose the Iron Chef. Judges are Ted Allen, Barbara, and Andrew Firestone, the former Bachelor. Man this looks so good.

And the winner? The Challenger!

Bones: The Man on the Fairway

Mythbusters: Franklin’s Kite

Sons and Daughters: Anniversary Party, Bowling Night

Pretty funny, full review to come.

Watched log for Monday

Smallville: Cyborg

Skating With Celebrities: Episode 6

It’s the finals, baby! First is the short program for Jillian and John and then Kristy and Lloyd skated an excellent program. Most of the rest of the hour was filled with the previous competitors flashbacks. Kristy and Lloyd end up with a slight lead going into the free skate which is going to be in the next episode, the finale.

24: Day 5: 4:00PM-5:00PM

Wow, the hobbit is losing it. And the terrorists are pissed!

Medium: Sweet Child O’Mine

How I Met Your Mother: Game Night

Courting Alex: The Fix-Up

Watched log for Monday

Final Destination 3 (at the theater!)

Skating With Celebrities: Episode 5

Wow, a skate-off between Jillian and John and Tai and Bruce. I really do think that Kristy has come a long way on this show and her and Lloyd do deserve to be in the final. And in the skate-off, I think Bruce and Tai were good but not good enough. And as the judges keep pointing out, there’s not much chemistry between Jillian and John. As expected, Jillian and John are going to the finals.

Desperate Housewives: Silly People

The Boondocks: Let’s Nab Oprah

Watched log for Monday

Barbeque with Bobby Flay: Extreme BBQ

Skating With Celebrities: Episode 4

Well, Kristy and Lloyd had a very strong program, being first out. Jillian and John also had a good performance. Dave and Nancy’s program though, was kind of boring. Bruce and Tai were OK, and it was definitely their best performance yet. So, Dave and Nancy were eliminated.
In other skating related news, I saw Tonya Harding in a promo for something, and she looks nas-ty! Whiskey! Tango! (That’s white-trash for y’all not in the know)

24: Day 5: 1:00PM-2:00PM

I love how in the middle of a crisis, everyone still is also dealing with personal issues, like Lynne’s drug-addict sister and the Jack-Audrey-Diane love-no-love triangle. There’s always another crisis just around the corner.

Medium: A Changed Man

How I Met Your Mother: Zip, Zip, Zip

Barney Quote: “It’s Quid Pro Bro.”

Courting Alex: Girlfriend

Surface: Episode 15

Watched log for Monday

Skating With Celebrities: Episode 3

After the elimination last week, the scores were reset. So, whoever scores lowest is eliminated. Deborah and Kurt have been eliminated, even though Kristy and Lloyd were confused and thought that they had been eliminated. Wow, that’s a lot of “eliminated”s in one paragraph.

24: Day 5: 12:00PM-1:00PM

Iron Chef America: Secrets of Kitchen Stadium

American Chopper: FANtasy Bike 3, FANtasy Bike 4

Courting Alex: Is She Really Going Out With Him?

Watched log for Monday

Monk: Mr. Monk Bumps His Head

Skating With Celebrities: Episode 2

Wow. Not a huge surprise but Todd and Jenni have been eliminated. It’s really sad how excited I get about this show. Especially as I have been out of skating for almost 15 years.

24: Day 5: 11:00AM-12:00PM

Medium: Raising Cain

How I Met Your Mother: Drumroll Please

Related: The Godmother

Top Gear: Best Of… Special