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Watched log for Wednesday

Juno (Sneak Preview)

Cute movie. It suffered from some pacing issues and had a bit too much voiceover, but Ellen Page was really amazing. Actually the whole cast was really excellent.

Grade: A-

Mythbusters: Confederate Steam Gun

Steam Machine Gun,  Beat the Lie Detector

Watched log for Thursday

Elizabeth: The Golden Age (Sneak Preview)

The Office: Launch Party

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Dee is Dating a Retarded Person

30 Rock: Jack Gets in the Game

My Name Is Earl: The Frank Factor

Watched log for Monday

Dan In Real Life (Sneak Preview)

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie.  It wasn’t outrageously funny, but definitely caused some laughter. It was very much in the vein of a Big Chill meets Jersey Girl meets some movie where the main character falls in love with his sibling’s girlfriend only to meet her at the place they’re staying together at with comic results. Occasionally predictable and the pacing was sometimes a little off, but made up of familiar scenes and consequences, but still very enjoyable. Good for a date, although maybe a bit better for older couples.

Grade: B+

How I Met Your Mother: Wait for It (Season Premiere)

The Big Bang Theory: Pilot (Series Premiere)

Full of the nerd/geek stereotypes and generally lazy writing. Occasionally funny, but not that much different from any other sitcom.

Grade: C

Chuck: Pilot (Series Premiere)

Very charming and funny. Love Sarah Lancaster.

Grade: A-

Journeyman: Pilot (Series Premiere)

Thought it was going to be a ripoff of Quantum Leap, but while it’s similar in theme, the execution is much different and actually creates a lot more tension and conflict in the characters and situations. It’s about as original as anything gets on TV anymore.

Grade: B+

P.S. My DVR decided that instead of recording Heroes, it would record 2 and 1/2 Men and Rules of Engagement and label it as Heroes. I’m implementing my backup plan of torrenting it. NBC’s player really bites ass. I’d even consider buying it off iTunes if it were available instead of dealing with NBC’s janky site.