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Watched log for Sunday

The Tick: Ants In Pants, The Tick vs. the Big Nothing

So Notorious: Soulful

Hogan Knows Best: Rent-a-Guru

Eureka 7: Watermelon, Vivid Bit, Childhood

Everwood: All the Lonely People

Desperate Housewives: Remember (Season Finale)

The Simpsons: Homer and Marge Turn a Couple Play (Season Finale)


Watched log for Sunday

Family Guy: Petergeist, Untitled Griffin Family History

American Dad: With Friends Like Steve's

That 70's Show: The Final Goodbye

American Hot Rod: '61 Impala Bubbletop 1, '61 Impala Bubbletop 2

The Surreal Life: Flo's Final Word

So NoTORIous: Charitable

Hogan Knows Best: Twilight of a God

What About Brian: Moving Day

Desperate Housewives: No One Is Alone

Grey's Anatomy: 17 Seconds

The Simpsons: The Monkey Suit

Malcolm in the Middle: Graduation (Series Finale)

Watched log for Sunday

Eureka 7: Motion Blue

Commander in Chief: Ties That Bind

Hogan Knows Best: The Hogan Boyfriend Test

The Surreal Life: Battle of the '80s Hair Band

So NoTORIous: Relaxed

Love Monkey: The Window

Smallville: Mercy

Overhaulin': Photo Shoot Fiasco

Desperate Housewives: It Wasn't Meant to Happen

Grey's Anatomy: Blues for Sister Someone

The Simpsons: Girls Just Want to Have Sums

Family Guy: You May Now Kiss the… Uh… Guy Who Receives

Watched log for Tuesday

Gilmore Girls: Super Cool Party People

Veronica Mars: Look Who's Stalking

Scrubs: My Lunch

So NoTORIous: Cursed

Watched log for Sunday

Eureka 7: Blue Sky Fish

The Surreal Life: Tawny Takes on Flo 2

Hogan Knows Best: Anniversary Surprise

So NoTORIous: Jealous

Mythbusters: Bullets Fired Up

Desperate Housewives: Don't Look at Me

What About Brian: Pilot

Malcolm in the Middle: MORP

The Simpsons: The Wettest Stories Ever Told

Family Guy: Peterotica

Everwood: Across the Line

American Dad: Roger N' Me

Watched log for Sunday

Modern Men: Timmy, Can You Hear Me?

The Surreal Life: Action News (Part 2)

So NoTORIous: Street

Hogan Knows Best: Nick Gets the Bug

Pepper Dennis: Pilot

Supernatural: Faith, Home

Nova: The Great Robot Race

Monty Python's Personal Best: Eric Idle's Personal Best

The Simpsons: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore

Awesome. Patty and Selma kidnap Richard Dean Anderson and Homer is transferred to India.

Malcolm in the Middle: Stevie in the Hospital

Family Guy: Deep Throats

Free Ride: Who Let the Nate Dog Out

BBQ with Bobby Flay: Sizzling Seafood

The Boondocks: The Reality

Watched log for Monday

So NoTORIous: Plucky, Whole

Monster Garage: Monster on Ice

Everwood: You're a Good Man, Andy Brown

24: Day 5: 10:00PM-11:00PM

American Hot Rod: '55 Chevy Convertible 1