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Network Updates

Well, the networks have their "upfronts" this week, where they lay out next season and let us know what's staying and what's going. Now, I'm only going to report on shows that I watch or have some sort of interest in. In the fall I'll report on all the new shows. 

For more complete details, click on the network to get TVSquad's full coverage.


Sons and Daughters
Less Than Perfect
Commander In Chief
Emily's Reasons Why Not
Jake in Progress

What About Brian
Grey's Anatomy
Desperate Housewives
American Inventor


Courting Alex
Love Monkey
Out of Practice

The New Adventures of Old Christine
How I Met Your Mother


Malcolm in the Middle
That 70's Show
Arrested Development
Skating With Celebrities
Free Ride

American Dad
Family Guy
The Loop
The O.C.
The Simpsons


Teachers No big surprise.
Surface Again, not a huge surprise. I thought it was only OK.
Four Kings
(remaining episodes to be shown this summer)

Scrubs (But will start in the winter like this year)
Crossing Jordan
My Name Is Earl
The Office


The Bedford Diaries
(This one hurts…)
Modern Men
Pepper Dennis
What I Like About You

7th Heaven (ugh)
Gilmore Girls
Smallville (double ugh)
Veronica Mars
Everybody Hates Chris

Watched log for Wednesday

Sons and Daughters: House Party, The Homecoming

The New Adventures of Old Christine: I'll Show You Mine

Lost: Dave

Good episode. Not that they didn't sort of allude to Libby somehow being at the Asylum.  

Veronica Mars: Plan B

OK, miscellaneous random thoughts while watching. LOL, Veronica with "the Shocker", "ll.l" or is it "lll." ? Ok, what is up with the homoerotic gym scene with Woody? Dirty Sanchez… ROFL. Also, High School Romance, how fleeting it can be. Does this sound dirty? "There's something wrong with the Beaver." 

Good Eats: Shell Game IV: Scallops 

So many new shows, so little time

Well, I'm rather behind on reviewing the newest shows, so in the interests of my laziness, I have a mini-review of Free Ride and just grades for the rest of the new shows I've watched.

Free Ride
(Sunday at 9:30 on FOX)

Nate (Josh Dean) has just graduated college in California and is heading home to Missouri. Dissatisfied with his degree’s career path, he thinks spending some time at home will help him find direction. Back home he runs into someone from high school, Amber (Erin Cahill) and is smitten but finds out she’s engaged. Luckily (or unluckily) he runs into Mark Dove (Dave Sheridan), someone who wishes he still was in high school, who makes it his personal mission to see that Nate parties hearty. Throw in his parents who are in therapy and didn’t expect him to return and make him live in the garage, and you have the makings of a quarter-life crisis.

This show, like Sons and Daughters, has some of the dialogue improvised, whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is another matter altogether. For the most part though, it is pretty funny, with Dove providing most of the laughs.

Grade: B-


Sons and Daughters
(Tuesday at 9:00 and 9:30)

Partially improvised, Cameron and Sharon are funny, but the kids often steal the show.

Grade: B+


The Unit
(Tuesdays at 10:00)

Haven't watched yet… 3 (4?) episodes on the DVR waiting

Grade: INC

The New Adventures of Old Christine
(Monday at 9:30)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is very funny, unfortunately, most of the supporting cast does very little supporting.

Grade: B


(Wednesdays at 10:00)

Even though it's very Ocean's Eleven-ish, interesting nonetheless

Grade: B

(Fridays at 10:00)

Not watched yet. May be canceled from favorites.

Grade: INC

(Tuesdays at 9:30)

Stars Sarah Alexander (Coupling – Original BBC version), and a bunch of other people whom the only other I recognize is Kali Rocha (Halfreck; Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Seems OK for the one episode I've seen.

Grade: C+


Modern Men
(Fridays at 9:30)

3 dudes with woman woes jointly seek the advice of a life coach. Blah.

Grade: D+

Watched log for Thursday

Sons and Daughters: Hospital Visit, Surprise Party

Smallville: Hypnotic

The O.C.: The Secrets and Lies

The Loop: Trouble in the Saddle

My Name Is Earl: Boogeyman

The Office: Michael's Birthday

Watched log for Tuesday

Scrubs: My Extra Mile, My Chopped Liver

Sons and Daughters: Family Finance, Karaoke

Watched log for Saturday

Good Eats: Your Pad Thai or Mine

Sons and Daughters: BBQ Therapy

Stargate SG-1: Camelot

Stargate Atlantis: Allies

Battlestar Galactica: Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2

Best. Season Finale. Ever.

What I Like About You: Now and Zen

Watched log for Wednesday

Sons and Daughters: Film Festival

Bones: Two Bodies in the Lab

Veronica Mars: Versatile Toppings

Veronica Mars, oh how I’ve missed you. Great episode. MOTW was interesting as was the motivation. They also moved along the season’s mystery nicely. Well played.
“You’re like rich-dude Kryptonite, Veronica.” -Dick Casablancas

Preview for next week looks awesome. The return of Haaron and Kendall! Scandalous.

The Loop: Pilot

Very funny. Full review to come.

Mythbusters: Cell Phones on Planes