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Watched Log for Wednesday

Top Chef: Las Vegas: Season Finale: Part 1

Mythbusters: Antacid Jail Break
Antacid Jail Break, Driving in the Dark

The Next Iron Chef: Integrity, Finale (Season Finale)

Watched Log for Thursday

The Next Iron Chef: Umami (Deliciousness)

Mythbusters: Myth Evolution
Waterheater Rocket, Corner Shot, Car Cling, Liquid Lock Pick, Snow Plow Rocket Replication

Castle: Kill the Messenger

The Office: Shareholders Meeting

30 Rock: Sun Tea

Ugly Betty: Blue on Blue

Greek: The Wish-Pretzel

Watched Log for Sunday

The Next Iron Chef: Pressure

Watched Log for Monday

The Next Iron Chef: Interpretation, Innovation

Watched Log for Thursday

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: The Great Recession

The Office: Niagara

Greek: Lost and Founders

The Next Iron Chef: Fearlessness

Watched log for Monday

The Next Iron Chef: Part 6: Attain Greatness

Secret Ingredient: Swordfish
Judges: Michael Ruhlman, Donatella Arpaia, Andrew Knowlton and Iron Chefs Cat Cora, Bobby Flay and Masaharu Morimoto
Winner and Next Iron Chef: Chef Michael Symon

Chuck: Chuck Versus the Truth

Heroes: Four Months Ago

How I Met Your Mother: Spoiler Alert

The Big Bang Theory:  The Grasshopper Experiment

Samantha Who?: The Restraining Order

The Simpsons: Little Orphan Millie

Watched log for Friday

Men In Trees: I Wood If I Could, The Girl Who Cried Wolf Part 1

Good Eats: Pretzel Logic (Rewatch)

Mad Men: Nixon vs. Kennedy, The Wheel

The Next Iron Chef: Part 5: Lead and Inspire

BBQ with Bobby Flay: Great Northwest BBQ

Stargate Atlantis: Doppleganger

Robot Chicken: Star Wars Special

Saturday Night Live: Seth Rogen, Spoon

South Park: Guitar Queer-o

Family Guy: Stewie Kills Lois