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Watched Log for Monday

Leverage: The Home Coming Job, The Two Horse Job

Throwdown with Bobby Flay: Deep Dish Pizza

Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates Doc’s

Sanctuary: Sanctuay For All (Series Premiere)

Stargate Atlantis: Whispers

The Sarah Silverman Program: Fetus Don’t Fail Me Now

Weapon Masters: Greek Fire

Watched Log for Thursday

Gary Unmarried: Gary Toughens Up Tom

Eli Stone: Help!, Owner of a Lonely Heart

The Sarah Silverman Program: Kangamangus

Leverage: The Nigerian Job

Samanta Brown: Passport to Great Weekends: Tuscany, New Hampshire

Watched Log for Sunday

The Sarah Silverman: I Thought My Dad Was Dead, But It Turn’s Out He’s Not

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Strange Things Happen at One Two Point

Eli Stone: Happy Birthday Nate

Kat Williams American Hustle: The Movie

Throwdown with Bobby Flay: Buche De Noel

Watched Log for Saturday

American Dad: Phantom Telethon

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Complications

Good Eats: School of Hard Nogs

The Sarah Silverman Program: Patriot Tact, There’s No Place Like Homeless

Watched Log for Sunday

The Sarah Silverman Program: Pee

90210: That Which We Destroy

Privileged: All About Insecurities, All About Overcompensating

Fight Quest: India, Thailand

Desperate Housewives: Me and My Town

Watched Log for Sunday

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Brothers of Nablus

How It’s Made: Curling Stones, Refrigerators, Aluminum Baseball Bats, Opalescent Glass

Mail Call: Polaris MV, M1117, M4 Carbine, Beretta M9

American Dad: Choosy Wives Choose Smith

90210: Secrets and Lies

Privileged: All About Defining Yourself

Numb3rs: High Exposure (Season Premiere)

The Sarah Silverman Program: Making New Friends

The Simpsons: Dangerous Curves

BBQ With Bobby Flay: Beefed Up BBQ

Family Guy: Man With Two Brians

Watched Log for Sunday

The Sarah Silverman Program: The Mongolian Beef

Life on Mars: My Maharishi Is Bigger Than Your Maharishi

Kath & Kim: Old

Saturday Night Live: Jon Hamm, Coldplay

Dinner: Impossible: Hospital Hijinks

American Chopper: Dodge Ram Bike

Iron Chef America: Symon vs. Cosentino

Secret Ingredient: Offal (organ meats)
Judges: Michael Ruhlman, Cady Huffman, Andrew Knowlton
Winner: Iron Chef Symon