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Watched log for Sunday

Samantha Brown: Passport to Latin America: Best of Latin America; Punta Arenas, Chile

Feasting on Asphalt: Lutefisk Express

The 4400: Tiny Machines

The Two Coreys: The Clip Show

Iron Chef America: Batali vs. Carmellini

Secret Ingredient: Parmigiano Reggiano
Judges:  Ted Allen, Mario Rizzotti, Art Smith
Winner: Iron Chef Mario Batali (by 1 point!)

Watched log for Wednesday

Mad Men: Babylon

Mythbusters: Superhero Hour

Grappling Hook, Ring Punch, Phonebooth Quick Change, Batmobile 90 deg Turn

The Two Coreys: Fly Away Haim

Dinner: Impossible: The Catwalk Chef

Watched log for Wednesday

The Two Coreys: Wing Man, The Great Escape, Battle of the Bands

Mythbusters: Red Rag to a Bull

Hot Bullets, Red Flag to a Bull, Bull in a China Shop

Top Chef: Second Helping

Dinner: Impossible: Dinner Under Construction

Watched log for Saturday

I Hate My 30’s: Always a Bridesmaid to Order

The Dead Zone: Numb

The Comedy Central Roast: Flavor Flav

Damages: And My Paralyzing Fear of Death

The Two Coreys: Cold Turkey, Surprise Party

Watched log for Tuesday

Superbad (Sneak Preview)

Eureka: Games People Play

The Two Coreys: Reunited, Lost Boys