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Watched Log for Saturday

Good Eats: The Catfish Will Rise Again

Parenthood: The Deep End of the Pool

Community: Romantic Expressionism

Parks And Recreation: Sweetums

Dollhouse: Getting Closer, The Hollow Man

Ugly Betty: Blackout!

Watched Log for Sunday

Grey’s Anatomy: Push

Dollhouse: Stop-Loss, The Attic

Watched Log for Saturday

Dollhouse: A Love Supreme

Burn Notice: A Dark Road

Watched Log for Wednesday

Dollhouse: Meet Jane Doe

Mad Men: Souvenir

Watched Log for Saturday

Dollhouse: Belonging, The Public Eye, The Left Hand

Mad Men: Seven Twenty Three

Watched Log for Tuesday

Fringe: Grey Matters

Dollhouse: Belle Chose

White Collar: Hard Sell

Watched Log for Wednesday

Top Chef: Las Vegas: Meat Natalie

Castle: Vampire Weekend

Dollhouse: Instinct

Mythbusters: Crash and Burn
Crash and Burn, Rocket Man

Watched Log for Wednesday

Dollhouse: Vows

Gary Unmarried: Gary Has a Dream (Season Premiere)

Greek: Down on Your Luck

Watched Log for Thursday

Dollhouse: Omega (Season Finale (Note the “Season” not “Series”, YAY!))

Bullrun: Round 10 (S2E10) (Season Finale)

My Boys: Friends of Friends, Spring Training (Season Finale)

Reaper: Business Casualty, The Devil and Sam Oliver (Series Finale (Boo!))

Watched Log for Sunday

In the Motherhood: Bully, Practice What You Preach

Samantha Who?: The Amazing Racist, The Debt

The Unusuals: One Man Band

Dollhouse: Haunted, Briar Rose

Fringe: The Road Not Taken

My Name Is Earl: Inside Probe pt 2

Parks and Recreation: The Banquet

Watched Log for Monday

Dollhouse: A Spy in the House of Love

The Unusuals: Pilot (Series Premiere)

Chuck: Chuck Versus the First Kill

Heroes: 1961

Medium: Then… and Again

The Big Bang Theory: The Hofstadter Isotope

How I Met Your Mother: Mosbius Designs

Greek: Engendered Species

Watched Log for Sunday

Breaking Bad: Bit by a Dead Bee, Down

Roommates: The Roommate (Series Premiere), The Tarot

Sophie: The Tornado (Series Premiere), Sophie Comes Home

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Adam Raised a Cain

Dollhouse: Needs

Watched Log for Saturday

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: To the Lighthouse

Dollhouse: Echoes

Watched Log for Monday

Dollhouse: Man on the Street

Chuck: Chuck vs. the Predator

Heroes: Cold Snap

Medium: A Necessary Evil

How I Met Your Mother: Old King Clancy

Castle: Hedge Fund Homeboys