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Watched Log for Saturday

Good Eats: The Catfish Will Rise Again

Parenthood: The Deep End of the Pool

Community: Romantic Expressionism

Parks And Recreation: Sweetums

Dollhouse: Getting Closer, The Hollow Man

Ugly Betty: Blackout!

Watched Log for Sunday

Grey’s Anatomy: Push

Dollhouse: Stop-Loss, The Attic

Watched Log for Saturday

Dollhouse: A Love Supreme

Burn Notice: A Dark Road

Watched Log for Wednesday

Dollhouse: Meet Jane Doe

Mad Men: Souvenir

Watched Log for Saturday

Dollhouse: Belonging, The Public Eye, The Left Hand

Mad Men: Seven Twenty Three

Watched Log for Tuesday

Fringe: Grey Matters

Dollhouse: Belle Chose

White Collar: Hard Sell

Watched Log for Wednesday

Top Chef: Las Vegas: Meat Natalie

Castle: Vampire Weekend

Dollhouse: Instinct

Mythbusters: Crash and Burn
Crash and Burn, Rocket Man