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Watched log for Friday


The only reason originally I rented this was because I heard that Anne Hathaway (of Princess Diaries “fame”) shows her boobs. She does, and they’re nice. It’s about white rich kids who act black. Stupid, stupid white kids who get in trouble when they meet up with the people they’re trying to emulate. Doing drugs and trying to act hard. It’s kind of contrived. Then the end of the movie starts getting really messed up.

The Dead Zone: The Last Goodbye, Grains of Sand, Vanguard,

The 4400: Rebirth, Hidden

Watched log for Thursday

Saturday Night Live: Dane Cook, James Blunt

Funniest skit – Lettuce munching… omg… so ridiculous

Dukes Of Hazzard and special features

Mail Call

Top Gear: Season 7, Eps. 6

Fantastic Four

The 4400: Carrier

Watched log for Wednesday

Stacked: Goodwizzle Hunting

The 4400: Life Interrupted

The Dead Zone: Heroes & Demons

Sealab 2021: The Policy

South Park: Christmas in Canada

Newfie: “The new Prime Minister outlawed sodomy!”

Watched log for Tuesday

Three Wise Guys

Doctor Who: Children in Need, Bad Wolf, The Parting of Ways, Attack of the Graske (both versions)

Watched log for Monday

The Venture Brothers: The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay

The Boondocks: The Trial of Robert Kelly

Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion, Boomtown (2005 series, eps. 11)

So, the new Doctor? Yeah, I like him. I think the new series might have a bit of a lighter tone than the previous, but we’ll see.

Comedians Of Comedy: Martha’s Vineyard

Fever Pitch


Watched log for Sunday

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Oh, and Merry Christmas!

Watched log for Saturday

Spiderman 2

I hadn’t seen this until now. I went on a trip the weekend it came out and then when I got back, everyone had seen it, so noone got around to going again. It was good.

Watched log for Friday

Surface: Episode 6

There’s got to be something else, but I can’t think of what it was.

Watched log for Thursday

Joey: Joey and the Sex Tape

Stacked: Heavy Meddle

American Casino: Final Touches

Watched log for Wednesday

I watched a couple DVDs, as with all the stuff on the PVR I’ve been watching, I’ve neglected watching some of the movies I’ve bought and/or rented.

Serenity w/all bonus features, but not movie w/commentary

Little Black Book

Watched log for Tuesday

Saturday Night Live: Eva Longoria, Korn; Alec Baldwin, Shakira

Watched log for Monday

NUMB3RS: Convergence, In Plain Sight, Toxin, Bones of Contention, Scorched

Kind of a NUMB3RS marathon of sorts. Started watching and wanted to see Bill Nye in the arson episode, so just ended up watching 5 episodes in a row. Good stuff.

The Boondocks: A Huey Freeman Christmas

Monster Garage: Texas High School Rat Rod

Arrested Development: Making a Stand

How I Met Your Mother: The Limo

Two and a Half Men: Santa’s Village of the Damned

Out of Practice: New Year’s Eve

American Chopper: Make-A-Wish Bike

Top Gear: Season 7 Episode 5

Surface: Episode 5

Watched log for Sunday

Invasion: Alpha Male

The Simpsons: The Simpsons Christmas Stories

Family Guy: The Father, The Son and The Holy Fonz

American Dad: Not Particularly Desperate Housewives

Watched log for Saturday

Comedians of Comedy: Atlantic City to Boston

Samurai Champloo: Lullabies of the Lost, Verse 2