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Midseason grades are in!

OK, here’s a update with Midseason grades for all the new fall shows. I’ll put up some reviews of the new midseason shows once they premiere. Here’s what I’m likely to be watching that’s new. Emily’s Reason’s Why Not, Skating With Celebrities, Crumbs, Four Kings, Courting Alex. On with the grades.

Season Premiere Grades

1st Semester Grades

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Watched log for Monday

Arrested Development: The Ocean Walker

Words cannot express how happy I was to see this back. And they had a killer of an episode. Every single time they show the “Star Wars Kid” video of George Michael, I bust up laughing. And of course, Mary Poppins flys back in while in Wee Britain. Hysterical. Damn FOX executives.

Random quote:”I’ll never catch her, she was an Olympic silv… Oh, I see now.”

Kitchen Confidential: French Fight

Michael Vartan and Bradley Cooper together again. Awesome. “It is, how you say, ON!” I’m so sorry that this show never gained enough of an audience, as I think it is one of the funniest shows on.

Monster Garage: Backyard Monsters

Out of Practice: I’ll Cry if I Want To

Jennifer Tilly is funny every time she’s on this show. There were several moments I was nearly crying from laughing. To the execs, two words. More. Crystal.

Crossing Jordan: Road Kill

New series first semester grades (repost from other ‘blog 10/27/05)

Well, since it’s now deep enough in the fall TV season for some series to be showing repeats in the ramp up to November Sweeps, I thought I’d catch you up with my current thoughts on the new series and even just the latest seasons of favorites. I think for now, though, an update of new series will have to do.

(Since this was originally posted, some of the shows have been canceled. Reunion, Kitchen Confidential, and Threshold)

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Mike’s Fall TV New Series Reviews (Repost from personal ‘blog)

For those not able to watch all 18 hours of primetime television that are on every night, I’m doing a public service, taking the bullet and watching as much as I can and letting you guys know what’s good and what’s crap. Some things I decided were crap and haven’t even bothered with, but what I’ve watched so far of new series, I’ll give you the scoop.

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