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Watched log for Friday

Numb3rs: Chinese Box


The Closer: Next of Kin

South Park: The List

Hogan Knows Best: (Marathon)

My Bare Lady: (All 4 episodes)

Doctor Who: Christmas Special 2006

Watched log for Sunday

Hogan Knows Best: Father of the Year

Good Eats: Tofuworld

Women’s Murder Club: Welcome to the Club (Series Premiere)

Kind of middle of the road and plays it safe. I’m not sure if I really like any of the characters yet. I read one of the books this series is based on, and I’m not sure that the cast is who I would have imagined for the roles, but they seem to do decent jobs. Maybe the “Kiss-me-not” serial killer story arc will bring me in a bit more.

Grade: B-

Big Shots: The Good, the Bad and the Really Ugly, Three’s A Crowd

Carpoolers: Laird of the Ring

Desperate Housewives: If There’s Anything I Can’t Stand

Brothers & Sisters: States of the Union

The Next Iron Chef: Part 3: Resourcefulness

Iron Chef America: Batali vs. Clark

Secret Ingredient: Halibut
Judges: Akiko Katayama, Ted Allen, Elizabeth Blau

Watched log for Sunday

Grey’s Anatomy: Love/Addiction

Big Shots: Tall, Dark and Hairless

The Boondocks: Or Die Trying

The Simpsons: I Don’t Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Desperate Housewives: The Game

Brothers & Sisters: History Repeating

Hogan Knows Best: Brooke Breaks the Bank

Ugly Betty: Betty’s Wait Problem

Watched log for Sunday

The Simpsons: He Loves to Fly and D’ohs (Season Premiere)

Family Guy: Blue Harvest Pts.1 and 2 (Season Premiere)

Brothers and Sisters: Family Portrait (Season Preview)

Throwdown with Bobby Flay: Puffy Tacos

Hogan Knows Best: Hogans in Disguise

Watched log for Sunday

Hogan Knows Best: Birds and the Bees

Monk: Mr. Monk Is Up All Night

Psych: Bounty Hunters!

Mad Men: Shoot

Iron Chef America: Cora vs. Tarbell

Secret Ingredient: Apples
Judges: Bonecrusher, Karine Bakhoum, Jeffrey Steingarten
Winner: Challenger Tarbell

 The 4400: Great Leap Forward

I Hate My 30’s: Between a Rock and a Cyberspace

Watched log for Sunday

Hogan Knows Best: Hogans Go West

Feasting On Asphault: Mid-American Pie

Watched log for Sunday

Feasting on Asphalt: Take Me to The River

Hogan Knows Best: Brooke’s Older Boyfriend

Samantha Brown: Passport to Latin America: Coastal Chile

Top American Restaurants: Bon Appetit Picks the Best

The 4400: Ghost in the Machine

The Dead Zone: Exile

Watched log for Sunday

Hogan Knows Best: Hogan Knows Workouts

Feasting On Asphalt: Soul Food Survivor

Samantha Brown: Passport to Latin America: Panama City, Panama

The 4400: No Exit, Daddy’s Little Girl, One of Us

The Dead Zone: Outcome, Transgressions

Throwdown With Bobby Flay: Crab Cakes

Watched log for Sunday

Feasting on Asphalt: Fry Me a River

Flash Gordon: Pilot (Series Premiere)

Actually not so bad. A little cheesy, but interesting.  I give it a B-

Hogan Knows Best: Keeping Up With Nick

The Dead Zone: Interred

Iron Chef America: Cora vs. Guarnaschelli

Secret Ingredient: Farmer’s Market
Judges: Mo Rocca,  Lidia Bastianich, Tyler Gray
Winner: Iron Chef Cora

Throwdown with Bobby Flay: Jerk Ribeye

The 4400: Till We Have Built Jerusalem

Watched log for Sunday

Hogan Knows Best: Hulk’s Extreme Makeover

Damages: Pilot

The 4400: The Marked

Iron Chef America: Batali vs. Liu

Secret Ingredient:  Opah (Hawaiian Moonfish)
Judges: Mo Rocca, Maureen Petrosky, Martin Yan
Winner: Iron Chef Mario Batali

Throwdown with Bobby Flay: Crepes

Watched log for Sunday

Burn Notice: Family Business

Hogan Knows Best: Booke’s Bodyguard

Kyle XY: Free to Be You and Me

I Hate My 30’s: I Have to Go No. 30

Mad Men: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

American Inventor: S02E07

The Simpsons Movie

Watched log for Wednesday

Eureka: Unpredictable

Hogan Knows Best: Wedlock Headlock

Dinner: Impossible: Major League Ballpark Challenge

Top Chef: Watch What Happens (Recap/Fan Question Episode)

Watched log for Sunday

Hogan Knows Best: The Canine Mutiny

Eureka 7: Star Dancer

American Chopper: Mikey Special (Scooter Trip)

American Hot Rod: ’31 Truck 2

Shark: Starlet Fever

The Dresden Files: Bad Blood

Battlestar Galactica: Dirty Hands

Iron Chef America: Flay vs. Crawford

Secret Ingredient: Peanuts
Judges: Ted Allen, Marc Ecko, Jeffrey Steingarten
Quote: “This made me cry like Beaches” – Marc Ecko
Winner: Iron Chef Flay

Futureweapons: The Protectors

Watched log for Sunday

Eureka 7: Acperience 3

24: Day 6: 1:00PM – 2:00PM, Day 6: 2:00PM – 3:00PM

The Surreal Life Fame Games: Pretty Women

Hogan Knows Best: Hulkamania Forever

Crossing Jordan: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Medium: Apocalypse, Push; The One Behind the Wheel

Smallville: Rage

Desperate Housewives: The Little Things You Do Together

Brothers & Sisters: Love Is Difficult

The Dresden Files: Rules of Engagement